Free HIV Testing

Henderson Wellness Clinic offers free and confidential rapid HIV Testing either by walk-in or by appointment  at our offices and outreach in the community via a mobile testing unit (MTU).

Testing is open to anyone 13 and up, and includes pre-and-post-test counseling. Couples testing sessions are also available. Test results in about 1 minute. 

Learn more about our prevention services, including how to receive referrals for PrEP, PEP testing. Get free condoms and lubricant, syringe supplies, and more information about reducing your vulnerability for HIV.


Testing FAQs

Get answers to frequently-asked-questions about HIV testing! Who should get tested? How often? What types of tests are available? How soon results are available? And more!

Other STDs

Like HIV, other common STDs, such as syphilis and chlamydia, often show no symptoms. The only way to know is to get tested. All STDs are treatable and many are curable.

Things to Know!

Did you know there are now many different ways to get tested for HIV? You can get results in under 20 minutes, some as fast as 1 minute!

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