PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a highly effective prevention medication for people who do not have HIV.

PrEP is available either as a daily pill or a long-acting injectable given by a healthcare provider every eight weeks. In most states, PrEP requires a prescription.

PrEP does not protect against other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Condoms protect against HIV and many other STDs, as well as pregnancy.

Paying for PrEP

Most insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare, cover PrEP. There are also programs that provide PrEP for free or at a reduced cost. PrEP navigators can help.


Like HIV, other common STDs, such as syphilis and chlamydia, often show no symptoms. The only way to know is to get tested. All STDs are treatable and many are curable.

Things to Know!

There are more options than ever to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the virus. Find out about PrEP and treatment as prevention today!

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